Calf Bottle Holder Product Details

As the owner/operator of a 150-year-old family farm, I've learned the value of quality and reliability in farm equipment.

Like a lot of farmers working to raise calves, I found every common calf bottle-holder on the market just could not handle the natural wear and tear my calves put them through.

It seemed like I had just two options:

  1. Spend my time hand-bottling calves
  2. Spend my time fixing substandard holders


So I came up with a third option: I designed and built my own calf bottle holder.

I've been using these with my calves for three years now (I'm on my sixth major design improvement), and I can tell you with great confidence: These calf bottle holders last.

The design is simple. The materials are industrial strength. And the construction is farm-tough. Together these qualities combine to make the first farm-duty calf bottle holder I've ever found.

Before I knew it, my neighbors wanted a batch and then the local hardware store.

In the years before I came back to take over the family farm, I worked doing machine language programming and systems automation, so I'm able to produce these here on our home place. And, with a lot of help from a dedicated wife and eight great kids, we're staying ahead of demand while still raising our calves and a few thousand chickens.

So here you have it: Our website.
Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to use the "Contact Us" page to send us a note. We would love to hear from anybody looking for heavy-duty calf bottle holders. Also send us a note if you're interested in having any other custom-designed or custom-built items for farm use.

We're happy to sell retail or wholesale. And if you're not so sure you're ready to commit, ask us about shipping out a sample to you. We can ship you one to 10,000 bottle holders.